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Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Great Lakes Repository is to permit all Michigan MLSs to combine and share listing content for the benefit of the MLS users in the participating MLS's home database. The MLSs abide by individual Data Sharing Agreements. The group's mission is to bring MLS data together to combine information in your home MLS, reinforcing the position of having all the data in your home MLS for single sign-on capability. The GLR provides the listing data and your MLS provides a full menu of functionality. Participants will, therefore, view the data in a familiar environment without the disruption of learning a new MLS system or the cost of joining another MLS.

Let's Be Honest

The Great Lakes Repository meets the needs of all MLSs, Associations and most importantly, REALTORS®. Its long-term goal is for all of the data to be accessible for Real Estate Professionals in ONE convenient location without having the monopoly on a single or statewide MLS. Multiple MLSs in the state is benefical for all, especially REALTORS® because they will have the MLS of Choice option; based on service, system, location, and more.


The GLR believes listing data and reports should be easily available to REALTORS®/members, and they should not have to resort to using third-party websites to find data. Data sharing is the future of real estate and will provide the best service to Real Estate Professionals and their clients. 

The Benefits Explained

1.COST REDUCTION: Single MLS fee for more comprehensive data. No double fees to two MLS services. Brokers will save each year on fees, and will be able to choose the MLS that they wish to belong to based on services and benefits offered.


2.TIME SAVINGS: Agents and brokers will only need to search one database for ALL listings in a single area.


3.EFFICIENCY: A single entry database eliminating the need of dual listing entry and double entry of ongoing listing maintenance. Reduce time spent entering or retrieving data as well as error reduction by only having one access point.


4.BETTER DATA: A Single Shared Database would provide a clearer picture of the residential real estate market in the state of Michigan. Why miss a single listing?


5.COMPETITION: Individual MLSs offer choice and competition where Agent and Broker service is of paramount importance. Competition eliminates complacency and fosters innovation and better service.


6.STANDARDIZATION: All fields, forms, code numbers, etc. could eventually be standardized providing further efficiencies and cost savings for everyone.


7.SECURITY: Enhanced security. No need to share passwords between the respective MLS and other sensitive information that could lead to breaches in security and contamination of the database.


8.AUTONOMY: Each MLS remains autonomous; however, it still allows the REALTOR Shareholder Boards to maintain their individual current level of ownership in any MLS of choice.


9.LEADERSHIP: Shows progressive leadership. Progressively expands on the patterns established by other MLS’s across the country (i.e. California, Illinois) in providing agent-friendly solutions to data sharing.


10.FLEXIBILITY: Provides BROKERS with the ability to conveniently push their own data to destinations of their choice. 

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